Recipes of Italian cuisine

Chunks of pistachio chicken


Best wines. Chunks of chicken with pistachio is an alternative to prepare a tasty dish and really like children.


Pork loin with chestnut sauce


A sweet and sour version of the fragrant and perhaps a little unusual but very delicate aromas of tender consistency. In my opinion, a real delicacy.


Chestnut and chocolate cake recipe


Chestnut time? We welcome the autunal perfumes with a beautiful chestnut cake and chocolate, soft and fragrant, is the favorite of those who like to indulge in a pampering while sipping a steaming cup of tea. The greediest can instead accompany a generous slice of the cake. The rustic flavor of chestnut and chocolate cake, which has sweet notes and pleasantly contrasted by the presence of cocoa, make it the perfect dessert to end a delicate meal.

Chicken with potatoes and green beans


The simple and wholesome ingredients are part of this light, digestible and tasty dish at the same time. Chicken with potatoes and string beans suitable for intolerant people.


Caponata of fish


The fish caponata of the ancient traditional cuisine of Campania.


Spaghetti with tuna and ginger


Spaghetti with tuna and ginger vino   Eat healthy, fast and perfect even for those on a diet. The recipe for spaghetti with tuna and ginger includes the main ingredients rich in sulphide glycosides, including allilpropile disulfide, with a thousand properties for our well-being. It is a reci...[Continue]

The artichoke parmigiana


The artichoke parmigiana is an excellent side dish for Easter lunch. It's a slightly different version of the usual zucchini or eggplant parmigiana.