Conti Degli Azzoni
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Conti Degli Azzoni

Conti Degli Azzoni

The Conti degli Azzoni company covers an area of more than 850 hectares, of which 130 are vineyards dedicated to the care of traditional vineyards of the Marchesan ampelographic landscape - Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Maceratino and Grechetto - and to the cultivation of the classic international vines Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.
Each vineyard has a story to tell and a peculiar character: a narration and a DNA inevitably present in every drop of wine that descends.
Like the oldest vineyard, Passatempo, located on Monte Carnevale, where an exceptional Montepulciano is born; or the Ribona vine, the mother of the homonymous vine. Still, the vineyard Villa Potenza, which lovingly welcomes, nourishes and enriches with the unmistakable imprinting of the terroir the precious vines from far lands.
Then Cantalupo, Monti, Extracts, Polpano and Margherita, the 30 hectare vineyard of the Azzoni Counts has chosen to blossom the biological project that - in the footsteps of secular family tradition made of love and respect for nature - tracks the future path of 'company.


Wine "Sultano"- Conti Degli Azzoni

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