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Best Wine-Champagne Deutz


Deutz is a Champagne manufacturer based in Champagne Aÿ region. The Maison was founded in 1838 and managed by generations of families Deutz and Geldermann.  Champagne Detz
For some years Deutz is experiencing a period of true splendor. Going in with quality and quantity is very difficult, but in Deutz we have succeeded with an intelligent policy of small steps rigorously based on quality. In 1993, Deutz produced just over 1 million bottles, now it is about 1 million and 900 thousand and the goal is to exceed 2 million in a few years yet. Best Wine Shop, Deutz, Champagne
 Brut Classic is a well-known, well-liked and well-liked champagne that accounts for almost 80% of Deutz's production. Best Enoteca, Deutz Champagne
The grapes are selected year by year between 20 and 30 Crus, all of the classic "Champagne" (so no Aube, Sezannes or anything else), even 30 km away from Aÿ, home of the maison, and the last harvest, The base, is enriched by a quota of vins de réserve ranging from 25 to 40% depending on the vintage. The musts are fermented in steel, the wines always carry malolactic, the champagne matures 36 months on the yeasts and finally, the rémuage (longer than average due to the shape of the bottle) edégorgement are mechanized. 


Champagne Classic Deutz Brut

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Brand: Deutz

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