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Dragani wines

The activities of DRAGANI Wineries start in the far A.D. 1812. In that year, a document signed by the Caldari borgomastral evening authorizes Dragani Emanuele to sell his products in the territory of the same municipality. Wines Dragani
At that time the Dragani family owned its most renowned farms, such as the Selva de 'Canonici and the Melata Source. The two Tenutes, probably rented by Friars Frisia monks, then lords of the surrounding area, have for decades been the natural reserve of the Dragani family, the places where the wine was personally used by the family, over the years . Various documents remain testimony to the activities of the various staff members in the wine sector: it should be remembered those who declare the Dragani family an official supplier of the Bishop and the Lords of Ortona. Wines Dragani
In the second post-war period, Mr. Nicola Dragani renewed all the vineyards and began selling the wine to Pescara, where he lived in a family where he had a resale of bulk wine and damigiane. With the help of his son, Gabriele, who, from his young age, showed a remarkable intelligence and commercial attitude, bought the first wine-bottling equipment in the 2-liter format with crown-capped iron racks. In 1962, Gabriele built the first part of the current establishment and then in 1978 the modern part of the current establishment, introducing the first technological innovations and above all the first modern bottling of wine.
In 1999 Gabriele's daughter, Gabriele's daughter, continued with the same commitment, innovating corporate technologies and expanding the sales network in Italy and abroad, to culminate in 2012 with the innovation of the entire bottling line and the creating an efficient and modern oenological laboratory. Wines Dragani