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Wines Mattei

Tenuta Mattei was born about 20 years ago as a farm holding company and third-party work in the wine sector.
In 2013, Danilo decided to concretize his ultra-20-year experience in the field by acquiring an existing wine cellar, active in the production and marketing of bulk wine. Wines Mattei
This activity has been boosted by Danilo. The products produced have had a remarkable increase in quality and appreciation from the point of view of the Italian market. Wines Mattei
Danilo had a dream: to see the wine, the fruit of his meticulous work and his great passion, in bottle with his own name. Wines Mattei
Next to her, Stefania, who for love and passion for wine, abandons her family business in the field of technology and telephony and begins working with Danilo in dealing with the commercial part. Wines Mattei