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Monterosso di Massimo Comaschi

The Monterosso company located in the area of the Alta Valle Versa, known for the production of Oltrepo 'Pavese wines. In addition to Moscato and Pinot Noir, the Comaschi family cultivates red grapes, such as Barbera, Croatina and partly Nebbiolo, because at that time it was used in every family to produce the wine to drink in their own right.
Good vine care, short pruning that does not weaken the plant, avoiding the clearly inferior production of lower quality, intermediate manual extrusion to give the clusters the opportunity to drink alone, the optimum maturation of the grapes that are needed enriching sugars, are just a few of the attentions that we dedicate to our company, to our grapes, aware that we are only good produce from a good starting product.
"I feel differently considering the evolution of oenological chemistry, of which I have a certain fear of trying so bravely to corrupt my basic principles. By my nature I have no intention of transforming myself into a modern Merlino Wizard who wanders among his steaming and gourmand hammocks, my belief is that I can produce good wines and, as much as possible, genuine ones. That being said, I certainly do not want to take the paladin of an old retroguardia of cantinieri ligi to traditions disused. Modern oenology must be handled, not suffered. " With this consideration the entrepreneur Massimo Comaschi creates his own quality wines, genuine wines, almost as usual.