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Wines Pasetti

The heir of Franco Pasetti, Mimmo, the man who leads the company today, has inherited from his father, a constant and undeniable model of teaching, the privacy of the people of the past and the visceral love for his land. However, while jealously keeping the heritage of a territory traditionally unattractive to external infiltrations, perhaps because of the geographical conformation that characterizes it, Mimmo is a visionary. And this vision will prompt him to buy the first land in the pedestrian zone of Pescosansonesco, in the heart of the Gran Sasso National Park and the Laga Mountains.
All wines produced today are therefore born at the slopes of the Laga Mountains and in the National Park of Abruzzo and reflect the company's will to remain firmly bound to the territory also from the point of view of the cultivated grapes. In fact, the wines of the company are all produced with native grape varieties, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo for Harimann and Red Testarossa, Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, Pecorino and Passerina for whites and Moscatello di Castiglione for Gesmino, an extraordinary passito obtained by replanting a nearly lost vine. At a time when most wine growers have planted international vines such as Cabernet, Merlot and Chardonnay, Mimmo pointed and invested on the vines that instead marry with the territory even by recapturing some whose production had almost disappeared like Pecorino, winning an important bet that gave a wider breath and a new opportunity for all of Abruzzo's oenology. Mimmo, while being a reserved man and lover of loneliness, is the regional president of Coldiretti and CAI because his enthusiasm for wine production is not only reserved for his own company but also the thirty thousand farms in Abruzzo, a small army of entrepreneurs who, if properly organized, could really start to make a difference on the wine market not only national but also international. Today, Mimmo and his wife Laura, an energetic woman with great commercial intuition, run the company together with their three children who are divided into tasks and follow unmissable and diverse branches: Francesca Rachele manages the administrative and economic part, export and international visibility, while Davide, who is an oenologist, deals more specifically with the production of wines.