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Paternoster wines

Since the beginning of the last century, the Paternoster family has constantly devoted itself to viticulture of Vulture.
The Paternoster vineyard is made up of about 20 hectares. located in various farms in the various wine-growing districts of Barile agro including: Rotondo - Macarico - Pian di Carro - Gelosia, real crus always devoted to excellence.
The company also welcomes from the previous generations precious vineyard and grape wine management agreements with elderly vineyards, both in the municipality of Barile and in neighboring areas, where they have been cultivated forever, in addition to the classic Aglianico, other varieties including Moscato and Fiano.
The total production in bottles ranges from 150,000 annually, which are strictly maintained to ensure, over time, a quality standard that allows them to turn to a mid-high consumer lover, lover of quality.
Numerous awards have been awarded over the years both in Italy and abroad, as are numerous articles of the press sector that recognize the company's first great merit of spreading the Aegean, as the reference point of the entire area of the Vulture. Despite market and image consents, the spirit and business philosophy remain unchanged, very closely linked to the territory, and in particular to Barile, a center of outstanding and ancient wine-growing vocations, as evidenced by the Cantine area, a fascinating site made up of more than a hundred of secular cellars dug into the tuff that represent the symbol of Baroque enoic art.