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The unmistakable black and white stroke that stylizes the geologic line of the Collio hills is the distinguishing sign of the company evolution. It is printed on every label. Scolaris’ strength, developed in an almost a century long history, lies in its wine’s authenticity, in its brand’s simplicity and delicacy and in its vine-dresser Marco’s professionality. The company follows the current ethic that requires elegance and technologic innovation. At the same time, it maintains the same passion and cure as in the past when selecting vines from its own vineyards. Scolaris proposes a “lively wine” that includes in its flavour all the richness and taste typical of this area. This lucky mixture between tradition and modernity has allowed Scolaris to offer not only white and red wines typical of this area, but also specialities that are now flagship products; the Ribolla submitted to the sparkling process, proposed as the young and elegant wines Ribolla Gialla e Ribolla Nera Rosè, e l’Ocelot, a rare jewel from the past that is vinified from endangered grape varieties.


Wine Pinot Grigio Collio Scolaris

Category: White wine 239
Brand: Scolaris

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