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Terenzi wines

The company Terenzi is located in LA FORMA in the Municipality of Serrone (Frosinone). It was founded at the end of the 1950s by the current owner, Mr. John, who now heads him together with his three sons.
It is Mr. John and his wife Santa who personally deal with the vineyards that count all over one shoulder. of about 10 hectares, carrying on its own with cutting-edge machinings and big sacrifices. While the three children are dealing with production, sales and tax administration. As you see a typical and traditional family-run business.
The winery also uses state-of-the-art machinery and new technologies, strictly maintaining production techniques and jealously the secret of this austere and so precious wine.
In the early nineties, years of strong crisis for the agricultural world, especially wine-growing, Mr. John's stubbornness made him accept a challenge; to revive the top product of our land the red wine Cesano Piglio Doc. At the beginning He begins to retrieve the old vineyards of the family belonging to his grandfather and then to select the vine Cesanese d'affile in order to be able to re-plant it in the new vineyards precisely, and availing the collaboration of a friend agronomist and the current oenologist, drags all of his family into this "challenge" and speaks of "knowing our wine all over the world if necessary".
But its stubbornness does not stop there since at the beginning of 2005, along with the other major producers of the Cesana del Piglio, make an important decision to make Cesarese del Piglio the first wine of the Lazio Region DOCG, and thanks to a common effort between agencies and producers takes place in May 2008.