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Cantina Tollo

Cantina Tollo was protagonist in the Sixties and Seventies played a very active role in changes in the viticultural sector, contributing to determining a radical change in regional wine geography. As production was declining in the areas of Teramo and Aquila, the vitrified surface in the province of Chieti and in particular in Tollo became a true "Wine City".
Also important is the contribution of Cantina Tollo to the process of regulating production, the initiatives for the protection of typical regional wines and the programs for quality improvement of grapes and wine making techniques. Today Cantina Tollo is one of the most important and well-established realities in the Italian wine sector. Present in all the European Union countries, North America and the Far East, exports 35% of its production, with particular attention to the emerging markets of Russia, India and China.
Aging plants, located in Tollo, consist of barriques and large Slavonian oak barrels, to which are added the vitrified concrete tanks, which are today considered the best for refining.
Passion, commitment, and shared values have led Cantina Tollo to every corner 
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