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Aromi Divini is a wine eshop in the "online" formula that deals with the distribution of the best Italian wine production, both on the national market and, above all, on the international one, where the wine of our country is increasingly successful.
Headquartered in Sutri, in the province of Viterbo, and operational headquarters in Rome, Aromi Divini collects the long experience in the field of grapes from the cultural association Borgo Antico, managed by Alberto Anceschi, who is also the current sommelier of the wine company online.
At the helm of the business is the young entrepreneur Oksana Loboda, who in her profession loves to search for enologically virtuous labels - regardless of whether they are famous or unknown. wine
In addition to being the official distributor of some important wineries of Italian soil, Aromi Divini organizes food and wine events in exclusive locations between the territory of the capital and that of Tuscia. In order to promote the excellent wine products, the company also makes visits to the most evocative wine cellars, both for locals and tourists. Wine
The cornerstones on which the young entrepreneur Oksana Loboda bases its activity on the web are maximum attention given to the customer, seriousness, assistance, attractive prices, fast delivery times. These are the factors that make Aromi Divini one of the most reliable wine sales sites in Italy and abroad. wine