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Turkey gooseberry

 Ingredients for 4 people: wine
800 g. minced turkey pulp; wine
1 retina of turkey skin to be used as ivolucro; Wine online
80 g of minced calf flesh, wine
80 g of minced pork pulp,
20 g of bacon, wine
30 g of cooked ham,
30 g of salmistered tongue,
1 calf leg, wine
1 coast of celery
1 carrot, wine
1 onion,
1 truffle, wine
15 g of peeled pistachios,
1 egg, wine
1 dl of Brandy,
Salt, pepper q.b.
Preparation: wine
Cut into bacon, ham and tongue rolls and mix them in a bowl of turkey, veal and pork pulp, broken pistachios, cut truffles, egg, salt and pepper. Mix, sprinkle with the Brandy and rest for 1 hour. Wine
Lay the turkey skin, put the prepared mixture in the center, then wrap it in roll form and sew it with a kitchen towel. Bend it with a cloth and tie it tightly with a string. wine
Clean and flour and calf leg, put it in a pot with plenty of cold water, add the onion, carrot and celery sliced and sliced, salted and dip the roll of galantine. Bring to a boil and bake for 1 hour. Wine
Remove the galantine from the pot, let it brown, then release it from the turkey pellets. Place it under a lid with two weights for about 1 hour, sliced and served on the table. Wine
High difficulty, Preparation 50 minutes plus 1 hour of rest 1 hour of pressing. Cook 1 hour. Wine
Recommended wines: Soave (white, Veneto), Lazio Chardonnay (white, Lazio)